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I don’t know wtf to do.

IUD - obvious.

Nuvaring - I know people who have gotten pregnant and miscarried on it.

Diaphragm - fuck all that.

Condoms - irritate my vagina; I believe I have a slight allergy to latex, I guess.

Pill - makes me sick.

Withdrawal -how I ended up with Roran.

How am I supposed to prevent more babies? What other birth control options do I have? ):

  1. iloverockandroll1977 answered: Fertility awareness here. Love it. Also helps me keep close tabs on PMS moods.
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    thisiswhereireblogthings: takeatumsforthat: nocturnalsphinx: raisingmynoah: gingermommax3: IUD - obvious. Nuvaring - I...
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    I got Nexplanon. Same as Implanon, only it doesn’t affect my breast milk. Its good for 3 years. Kind of sucks when they...
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    I freaking love my diaphragm. It’s so comfortable and takes like a second to put in. :)
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    How about the Paraguard? It’s a copper IUC. No hormones.
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    Don’t get the depo shot. If you ever want to get pregnant again it takes forever after getting off depo because it fucks...
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    I love my Implanon.
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    Do they make latex free condoms? After many years on birth controls that crazed my hormones and resulted in me being...
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    NFP. And you could always try to find non-latex condoms.
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    There’s also Implanon
  11. organicmommy said: We use natural family planning. It worked for 2 years until we tried for this baby.
  12. watchingourjellygrow said: Natural planning method?
  13. sapphiremomma said: I was on Nuvaring for a year and never got pregnant. Me and Tyler loved it. But I never got pregnant with pulling out either.